My childhood island in Lofoten

winter sunset

I grew up in Lofoten in north Norway. It is a big rock surrounded by the . My roots are strong and I often long for my childhood island in Lofoten and it is Værøy.

  • My childhood island
  • My childhood island in Lofoten

Travelling to Værøy

To visit my childhood island Værøy the easiest way is to travel via Oslo.  From Oslo you can either travel by plane or train to Bodø and from Bodø the cheapest option is to travel further by ferry. And the expensive way is by helicopter. Crossing the Vestfjord by helicopter will take approximately 20 min but the crossing by ferry depends on the first port of call. The shortest route is 3 hours and when Værøy is the first port.

Some sceneries

Staying overnight

You got several options when it come to accomodations. Check out the different web sites.,overnatting-varoy/vaeroy-prestegard/

You can also spend your nights in a tent, your caravan or camper. The best place for this is on the northern part of the island called Nordlandshagen. It is not an organized campsite with its advantages and disadvantages. But, you are completely safe here and you don’t have to worry about the wild life which is minimized to birds, otters, and seals. In Nordlandshagen you got access to toilets and water and there is a beautiful beach there. Below are some pictures from Nordlandshagen.

Things to do

The island got one shop with a cafe but it is not like going to the mall. My personal opinion is that the shop got a limited selection of groceries, but I guess it is because I am used to live in a city. But you won’t starve. Nearby the shop there is a pub if you want to drop in for a glas of wine or beer. This is just the way it is in my childhood island in Lofoten.

You can visit the bird cliffs but you need a local guide who will get you there by boat. This is an organized guided tour during summer time.

You can take a long walk to Måstad. This walk takes 2 hours but I would be very careful especially if your balance is poor, afraid of heights or dizzy because the path is narrow at spesific places.

Vaeroy winter sunset
Måstad, mountain ridge of Vaeroy island at snowy winter in sunset, Lofoten

A safer choise when it comes to walking is to follow the road up to what the inhabitants call the “Nato station.” But please don’t go further because it is dangerous.

The fishingport of Værøy is called Sorland
On the way to the “Nato station”. It is on the mountain called Heia.

This was some information about my childhood island in Lofoten. But there is more come……

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