Welcome back sun 2023

I saw the beams through my living room windows and I jumped into my shoes because I had to get a picture of the sun. Welcome back sun 2023. Finally.

Up to the mountain

I went up to the mountain because I wanted a good picture and the best view. But on my way the clouds came gradually and laid like a veil in front of the sun.

Welcome back sun 2023

I barely reached the sun before the clouds hid it completely. A bit disappointed I returned home but now I know she is back and very welome. I have heard that people have observed the sun several days ago but I have been locked up at work or in my bunker as I also call it. I see nothing but the walls of a grey tall building deprivating me from anything nice to look at.

The sun was hidden by a veil of clouds

Other photos

After I received a serious diagnosis, I appreciate life more and I try to take care of myself. There have been many trips to the mountains if only to enjoy the view. But January has become a tradition to welcome the sun back. It gives me alot of energy and I become more optimistic and motivated for everything.

Breast cancer Christmas 2019

Welcome back sun
January 17. 2021
Welcome back sun 2022
January 9. 2022

But anyhow, welcome back sun 2023

Bye bye sun 2022

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