The Spring in Bodø, Norway

Finally we are on the plus side of the scale. The seagulls have found their partners and have gathered on various roofs on land. The sun is warming and the snow is melting and different plants have started to sprout in the flower bed. The spring in Bodø, Norway is like any other places in Scandinavia, but no matter where we are, it is a wonderful time. I can’t really decide whether I like this season or not. Autum has been my favorite time of year but something has changed. Spring is really welcome for a change.

The seasons

Every season got its charm. The Winter with snow and dark nights where I can light candles both in and outdoors. But after a couple of months with low temperatures and darkness I long for the long nights with daylight. This winter season in Bodø has been rather tough in many ways. A lot of bad weather, heavy winds, alot of snow and I have been so anxious and feeling a bit down. To be honest I have been struggling to manage my cancer thoughts .

The Spring in Bodø
Late March 2023

The Spring in Bodø, Norway

Easter is normally very calm and quiet. Long walks are mindfulnes and a necessity. It calms my anxiety and I sleep better. I just observe the clock ticking but there is nothing I have to do or achieve and I love that feeling. It is so calming and I feel so relaxed. I am really charging my batteries.

Since the asphalt is completely free of ice now and I don’t have to be afraid of falling, it’s easier to get out. So I am just enjoying the spring in Bodø for a change.

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