My security measurements

Eset security takes care of your safety and security. It is the best on the market and I really trust this application. This feature monitors my home net, mobile phone, tablets and computer for viruses, spam, phishing and other intruding elements. I have secured the account with a strong password , a verification code and a two way authentification. The blog also use akismet to prevent spam and viruses to keep you and me safe. This a part of my security measurements.

I will not sell your information to others to gain any profit, advantages or to any third parties. Statistics are just counting visitors to my web site and this will maybe help me make better posts. In all terms you will be completely anonymous and safe.

You are free to comment on my posts. But if your comment are rude to others and me I will delete or block the comment and you. This will provide to a safe and serious blog and a part of my security measurements.

At this very moment I will not sell anything from my web site. I am an affiliate for different merchants. You will see ads on my blog pages by DarnGoodYarn and Shareasale and more.

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